Suite 1, Level 11, Tower 1, 495 Victoria Ave. Chatswood NSW 2067 | | (02) 9188 2105

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Why work with us?

*Full training provided,

*Above industry average commission,

*Transparent management, all policies documented,

*Modern IT system support, real time group communication,

*Work as a team where everyone is connected,

*Support in road shows, online advertising, display suites,

*Grow with the company and be one of the key staff,

*Full commission payment guarantee

Our approach

We want to work with people who believe what we believe. We want to see smiling faces every morning when our staff walk into the office. We want to receive a referral or a thumb up from the clients as the biggest compliment and recognition of our work. Real estate just happens to be what we do to achieve this goal. Come and work with us and you will enjoy a safe, fun, encouraging, supporting environment and a promising future. LongRunner Go!