NSW CPD – keep your Licence or Certificate

CPD is not done before a renewal but once every CPD year. A CPD year starts on 23rd March and ends on 22nd March the following year. Regardless of when your Licence or Certificate is due for renewal, you must complete your CPD course once every CPD year. The time when you learn and complete the course does not matter as long as it is within the CPD year.

For example, today is 1st May and your licence is due for renewal on 1st June. You have not done any CPD yet. You may renew your licence on 1st June and complete the CPD course any time after the renewal but before 22nd March the following year.

If your licence is valid for 5 years and it is the 2nd year now, then your licence is not due for renewal this year. However, you still need to complete your CPD course in this CPD year.

The Licensee in Charge of a real estate agency is responsible for supervising the employees’ (Assistant Agents, Class 2 Agents, Class 1 Agents) CPD obligation. The employees keep the CPD training record, which is monitored by the Licensee in Charge. The record is subject to the NSW Fair Trading audit. An online system is being developed by NSW Fair Trading where the Licensee in Charge can log in and update the employees’ CPD record. An employee does not need to show NSW Fair Trading the CPD record on renewal.

For more information, please visit the Vision Training website.

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